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The Enterprise Guide to Continuous Application Modernization

Transform your AWS applications for long-term success in the cloud


Achieving the maximum benefit of a cloud strategy requires discipline, commitment, and a well-defined process. While moving to AWS is the first step, continuous modernization enables you to transform your applications so they’re more agile, elastic, and highly available—which means your business is more modern, more competitive, and has access to new opportunities.  However, modernization is not easy or trivial, nor does it happen overnight.

The Enterprise Guide to Continuous Application Modernization introduces a pragmatic and continuous approach as part of a greater modernization effort on the AWS platform. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set your goals for modernization and implementation.
  • Build a modernization strategy based on your applications.
  • Optimize and repeat the process for continuous modernization.
Take the first steps to transform your IT systems—and your business.

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