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The Enterprise Guide to Continuous Application Modernization

Transform your AWS applications for long-term success in the cloud


Many organisations today are struggling to get the full value of migrating their enterprise systems to the cloud. The reason, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Company, is that companies tend to “fall into the trap of confusing simply moving IT systems to the cloud with the transformational strategy needed to get the full value of the cloud.” In essence, organisations are simply outsourcing their data centers, which prevents them from maximising the benefits of the cloud.    

That’s where the concept of modernization comes in. Moving to the cloud is only one —albeit essential — component of modernizing your infrastructure, applications, and approach to software development. 

This eBook will help you figure out how to transform your AWS applications for long-term success in the cloud. You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the stages of cloud adoption

  • Set Your goals for modernization

  • Understand your applications

  • Choose the optimal modernization approach for each application

  • Observe and optimise.

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