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New Relic: Salesforce Solution Brief

Experiencing empowerment with the cloud

Salesforce is the world’s most popular and trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It allows businesses to digitize commerce, sales, service, and marketing activities within a single ecosystem to drive better efficiency and user experiences. The sheer breadth and versatility of its offerings have made it the go-to SaaS solution for replacing on-premises and legacy applications in modern businesses.

Businesses turn to Salesforce to transform their operations from core to customer, and there’s little wonder why. Salesforce is much more than just a CRM platform—it’s a vast ecosystem capable of leveraging thousands of integrations alongside its robust library of services. Businesses can build exactly what they need, when they need it. This provides:

  • Improved responsiveness: From the ability to innovate rapidly to the creation of new workflows or delivery channels, Salesforce accelerates the ability of businesses to respond, adapt, and anticipate change.
  • Enhanced reliability and uptime: Legacy systems—especially non-digital ones—struggle to keep pace with modern businesses. Even on-premises digital systems can break, sending an office into chaos. That doesn’t happen with the cloud.
  • Increased productivity: Outdated systems are frequently costly, inefficient, and a massive source of frustration for customers and employees alike. Salesforce eliminates these headaches, letting professionals stay focused on work.

The challenges facing the user experience

Businesses adopt Salesforce to solve business problems associated with outdated, on-premises technology. In the process, they enhance both operational efficiency and the customer experience.

Yet, guaranteeing the user experience for both employees and customers can involve more challenges than expected. Businesses may find themselves facing:

  • Limited visibility into user journeys: Understanding why something went wrong is as important as understanding what went wrong. To get that information, businesses must often rely on arcane incident logs or the discovery of causes through trial and error.
  • Cohesion and uniformity across complicated architectures: Salesforce integrates with almost every major service that businesses could use, but that doesn’t guarantee uniformity. This may lead to confusing workflows or missed resources, because users don’t know they’re there.
  • High cost of failure: Salesforce is at the center of high-value user journeys in a business. Components that fail can rapidly disrupt operations, leading to thousands of dollars lost per minute. 

New Relic delivers observability and controls


Making the most of even a powerful solution such as Salesforce requires a level of visibility and cohesion that can prove difficult to achieve. That’s where New Relic comes in.

With our solution for Salesforce, your team gets unparalleled visibility into the entire Salesforce ecosystem. Say goodbye to hunting down logs individually or retracing the digital steps of a user’s experience. Instead, manage everything from a detailed dashboard that displays the top-level overview while keeping details at your fingertips.

The New Relic solution for Salesforce is designed to meet the challenges of visibility and cohesion in a complex cloud solution, thus reducing the potential for costly failures or downtime. Customers enjoy:

  • Proactive and embedded monitoring: The faster problems are identified, the less they impact your business. Whether it’s the proactive monitoring of user journeys or critical APIs, we can also help embed the monitoring service into your Salesforce DevOps Pipeline.
  • Detailed dashboards and alerting: Get the key data and performance metrics you need, all conveniently placed in one easy-to-read dashboard.
  • UX monitoring across devices: With New Relic Mobile and New Relic for Lightning, we can help monitor mobile, web, and browser user experiences.

Optimize and observe with the power of New Relic

Deploying and innovating with Salesforce has never been easier. But before you harness the power of the Salesforce ecosystem, make sure you’ve got the tools you need to adequately observe and optimize your processes.

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