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New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing

Observe every trace. Find issues wherever they happen.

The benefits of developing apps using microservices are clear: smaller, easier-to-understand services that can be deployed, scaled, and updated independently.

By breaking down applications into smaller services, you increase the velocity of getting software from code to production, but you also introduce greater complexity in the way services communicate. To track down and resolve issues faster, you need a full record of that valuable trace data.

We've developed a solution to bring it to you.

New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing is a fully managed cloud native service that observes 100% of your application traces, and provides visualization and storage for the most actionable data so you can investigate and solve issues faster. 

Remove the management burden

As a fully managed SaaS solution, Edge eliminates the burden of deploying, managing, and scaling third-party gateways or satellites for data collection.

  • Access a service located in the same region and provider as your cloud-based workloads. 
  • Reduce the cost of data egress charges due to proximity to your cloud workloads.
  • Scale on demand.
telemetry platform diagram

Eliminate the noise

Troubleshooting distributed systems often leads to endless toil. New Relic Edge automatically eliminates the noise, letting you focus on what’s important to you, such as errors or long-running traces, and gives you an inventory of communication paths across your distributed system.

  • Send the most actionable and relevant traces to NRDB, the world’s most powerful telemetry database.

  • Leverage enhanced distributed tracing capabilities like anomaly detection, condensed trace views, deployment markers, trace groupings, and global trace search for quick troubleshooting across your distributed systems.

  • Send traces from any source, including popular open source tracing tools and standards like OpenTelemetry and OpenCenus (Go and Python) as well as service mesh tools like Istio.
New Relic Edge trace duration screenshot

Troubleshoot complex environments

High-volume distributed systems contain critical services for which you need to observe and visualize every error trace.

  • Observe and analyze 100% of the traces across your distributed system. 
  • Visualize the most actionable traces that contain errors or unusual latency.
  • Reduce mean time to detection and mean time to resolution with high-fidelity actionable traces.


New Relic Edge detailed attributes screenshot

“New Relic gave us all the insights we needed—both globally and into the different pieces of our distributed application. [As] we move data across our distributed system, New Relic enables us to see where bottlenecks are occurring as we call from service to service.”  

—Muhamad Samji, Architect, Fleet Complete

Why New Relic Edge with Infinite Tracing

  • Observe every trace and visualize the most actionable data for faster troubleshooting.
  • Eliminate operational toil and reduce costs leveraging a cloud-local managed service.
  • Empower your engineers and developers to focus on more important work, like developing new features.


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