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Programmability: A Better Way for Modern Businesses to Win with Software

A Better Way for Modern Businesses to Win with Software

Your company’s software investments can be a game-changing differentiator and a source of lasting value. Playing offense with software, however, also means knowing how to keep score: gaining a full understanding of software performance and how your software drives specific business outcomes.

Until recently, software teams have struggled to find an effective way to understand this connection between software and business performance. With the introduction of the New Relic One observability platform, software teams now have a way to quickly and easily create applications that tie performance metrics to business goals, tailored precisely to the needs of a business and its decision-makers.

Too much data, too little insight

Most teams have no problem acquiring the data that is necessary to generate these performance insights. Managing and making sense out of this data, however, is a different matter. Busy software teams need, but rarely find, simple and intuitive tools that are capable of producing these insights.

This issue can be especially frustrating for decision-makers who expect to view performance data in highly specific ways—reflecting a unique set of geographical constraints, perhaps, or assessing performance against highly customized business KPIs.

Some businesses attempt to work around these limitations using specialized applications or custom-coded user interfaces. Most choose to work with existing, vendor-supported dashboards—a relatively easy and inexpensive option, but one that also sacrifices the richness of detail that purpose-built visualizations can provide.

As businesses place even bigger bets on their ability to compete, innovate, and win with software, it’s imperative to find a better way to capture and visualize exactly how software shapes business performance and outcomes.

The answer lies in observability: a capability that gives teams a full understanding of their software environment and its performance. With an observability platform, telemetry data, customer experience data, and business data can be combined in ways that support informed and effective decision-making. A true observability platform must be programmable—programmability can be a decisive advantage for teams that previously struggled to create fully customized views of the relationships between software performance and business outcomes.

In fact, while an observability platform should emphasize its power and flexibility, one of its most important advantages is a fast and compelling “path to value”—yielding results in hours, rather than days or weeks.  

The benefits of a programmable platform

With New Relic One, the industry’s first observability platform, businesses can make the critical link between software performance and business outcomes. Using the same tools as New Relic’s own engineering teams, developers can build applications (with custom data visualizations and interactive elements) that leverage observability data gathered from myriad sources—including third-party, open source data.

These tools are powerful, yet they’re also optimized for simple, efficient problem-solving tasks. A single developer can deploy working applications in as little as an hour. And with no additional software to run or operate, development teams get more time and bandwidth to spend on innovation and on shipping high-quality software.

With the performance insights the New Relic One platform provides, your company is able to:

  • Make decisions faster with confidence. Connect observability data and business data in ways tailored to your unique business needs; and get a clear and complete picture of the relationships between your technology, business, and customers.

  • Manage resources and priorities more effectively. Empower teams to work on truly strategic, high-value development projects; and allocate scarce resources based on their ability to impact high-priority business outcomes.

  • Communicate the strategic value of software initiatives. Provide visualizations that map precisely to a team’s business needs, relationships, priorities, and ways of working.

  • Unlock the full potential of software as a differentiator. Show exactly where, when, and how applications move the needle on business outcomes.

Programmability in practice

How does New Relic One solve the practical challenges many teams face getting useful insights from technology and business data? Consider the following example:

The business need: A national retailer needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to track its business and customer experience metrics on a comparative basis, across several dozen store locations. The right solution would have to quantify each location’s performance, using the same set of technical data, customer experience data, and business data—all tied to a unique set of business KPIs that the retailer could roll up into an integrated, enterprise-wide view.

The solution: Using a custom application built on top of New Relic One, the retailer’s decision-makers can now view all locations from a single map; and then zoom in to analyze performance data from each location. With a single custom application, the retailer gathers the data it needs to measure and visualize critical business KPIs.

retail performance dashboard example

Winning with software—and working on your own terms

With New Relic One, software teams finally have the platform they need to understand and communicate the value of software as a driver of business outcomes. Businesses that pick up these capabilities and put them to work will have a powerful advantage over those that continue to make do with legacy monitoring tactics—including the ability to play offense with software more confidently, and with greater trust in the outcome than ever before.

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