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New Relic Serverless for AWS Lambda

Monitor, visualize, troubleshoot, and alert on all of your serverless functions in a single experience

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Understanding your system

Entity overview

See a curated overview for each instance type, including information and inventory from all AWS accounts and regions in a single view.

Distributed tracing

Distributed tracing plays a very important role in the troubleshooting experience since it lets you dig into the communication pipe between the AWS Lambda function and any other artifact that function talks to during its execution. Distributed tracing also gives you valuable information regarding what each transaction is about, the time it takes to complete, and if there were errors.

Inventoried Tags and Metadata

We retrieve information from your AWS entities, giving you the ability to filter and facet down to the team, or specific metadata attributes on the function configuration or invocation itself.

Facet Builder

New Relic’s Facet Builder for AWS Lambda instantly facets your dashboards and charts by attribute or function to explore custom insights—without having to write queries.

Metrics, events, and other measurement

High cardinality invocation data

View throughput, detailed categorized AWS Lambda performance metrics like duration, cold starts, error rate and more at any transaction percentile. Filter and facet by tags and function metadata to rapidly find the answer you’re looking for.

AWS CloudWatch Metrics

We capture metrics harvested from AWS CloudWatch for over 30 connected AWS services including AWS Lambda, allowing you to understand the performance of event-driven architectures that include queues and data streams. Key event AWS Lambda metrics like iterator age, dead letter errors / dead letter queue depth, and throttles can be visualized along performance data from instrumentation in your functions.

Custom attributes and custom events

Capture and send custom attributes or events and tag their function invocations with attributes, so you can connect your performance data to specific business KPIs, or understand the performance of specific functionality within your function.

Errors and alerts

Rich error analysis

View all the errors that occurred in your function code and analyze all the details and error traces. Use agent APIs to define custom errors, even when your function runs as expected.

Rich alert ecosystem

Build alerts using NRQL, allowing you to drive alerts based on custom attributes or any function-specific attribute.