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iOS, tvOS, Mac Catalyst Monitoring

Mobile monitoring dashboard

Helping Apple Developers Improve Their App Experience

Our mobile agent is more than just crash monitoring. New Relic Mobile for Apple OS offers dependable crash analytics, detailed performance measurements, in a light, low memory, leasy-to-use application. For CocoaPods installation, see our docs.

  • Easy to use, curated UI experience going beyond crashes, into error and network monitoring
  • Custom dashboarding to measure KPIs meaningful to individual businesses and teams
  • Full-stack visibility when paired with Browser and APM
  • Synthetic API monitoring when paired with Synthetics
  • Breadcrumbs to contextualize user flows and app response

Key Features

  • Handled exceptions help identify significant factors affecting poor mobile app experience, and use filterable data to find a resolution more quickly
  • Monitor traces for different activities (e.g. screen loading) in a Series Timeline broken down by time spent at each stage
  • Monitor web service & API calls made by real users in real-time
  • Get detailed app error analysis
  • See device-level data from database and memory to UI performance
  • Create custom metrics for your specialized transactions
  • Analyze how your app performs on different devices & operating systems
  • Compare performance across different app versions
  • Get alerts when your app isn't performing as expected
  • Monitor app performance by region

To download New Relic for Mobile from CocoaPods, see our documentation.