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Know what’s happening in your entire mobile app stack

Announcing Mobile Backend API Monitoring

Diagnose and eliminate errors quickly

Find and fix what’s broken in your mobile app and backend systems—whether it’s a crash, exception, or slow screen change.

  • Discover and resolve problems faster, including network failures or HTTP errors, with the mobile APIs that back your native mobile app.

  • Get alerted on bad version releases.

  • Reproduce issues faster with event trails

Connect the dots from your users to your business

Give mobile devs, backend ops, and business leaders a clear understanding of how your mobile business is doing—so you can protect your user engagement, churn rate, and revenue.

  • Make sure your users aren’t dropping from crashes, errors, or slowness.

  • Teams can rally around the same dashboards and alerts in real time, so you can prioritize and resolve problems quickly.

  • See the full picture on how your mobile app connects to your backend systems and your business as a whole.

Cultivate deeper customer relationships

Make sure you’re delivering the best possible experience to your most important mobile customers.

  • Drill into crashes, errors, and slowness for your more important cohorts and segments of your user base.

  • Get real-time insight into what your users are experiencing and how they’re engaging with your content.

See how New Relic Mobile works with our other products

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Track your customer experience from end-to-end

When you combine New Relic APM with New Relic Mobile, you can see how the performance of backend systems impact your mobile application experience. Know if a backend error is causing your mobile app to crash, and connect your mobile and backend teams together to deliver better mobile experiences.

Custom visibility for your mobile stack

By combining New Relic Mobile with New Relic Insights, you can get a more complete picture of your mobile app data. Quickly analyze, query, and visualize how your mobile app performance impacts your user engagement, see how this performance impacts your business, and make better, more informed decisions based on real-time insights.

See performance across all your frontend channels

When you bring together New Relic Mobile and New Relic Browser, you can see how your performance and health compares between your mobile apps, mobile website, and desktop website. You can gain a more complete understanding of your users’ experiences—no matter where they interact with your business.

Make sure your mobile backend APIs are performant

See how your mobile backend APIs are performing with both real user data from New Relic Mobile and synthetic data from New Relic Synthetics. Make sure your APIs are up and running smoothly without any errors—so you can deliver error-proof backend deploys to production as well as new mobile app version releases.

See the truth behind your digital customer experience

Customer relationships are built upon a complex chain of technologies working behind the scenes. The entire chain must work flawlessly or your customers will leave—and your business will suffer. New Relic gives you visibility for every piece of this chain, so you can be sure your end-user experiences are delightful.

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“With more than 60% of our U.S. traffic mobile-based, it’s critical for us to be able to understand actual response times so that we can provide the same stellar experience to customers accessing our content via mobile devices as those who are connecting in more traditional ways. Thanks to New Relic Mobile, we should be able to do so.”

Pete McVicar, Head of IT Marketing and Sales Solutions

“Thanks to New Relic, we noticed that there was a misconfiguration in the mobile application stack. So we tweaked the configuration setting and it immediately dropped the data transfer rate by 87%. For our customers, that means no more sitting and staring at a blank screen to load.”

Mark Holt, CTO

“We could pick up our own phones and start testing the apps ourselves, but that’s really not an optimal approach. New Relic Mobile gives us a complete picture of what our mobile app users are actually seeing.”

Chris Sessions, Director of Operations

Go beyond the crash

Resolve issues fast, improve user experiences, and get a complete view of your mobile app stack with New Relic Mobile.

Learn about our pricing and plans.

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Make sure errors in your mobile app have minimal impact on your reputation and your customers’ patience.




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