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New Relic Browser Monitoring screen examples
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From the client-side to your business as a whole

Troubleshoot incidents and optimize customer experience in one connected platform

Spend less time on-call and more time optimizing customer experience with New Relic’s end to end visibility. Quickly troubleshoot incidents using distributed tracing, and ensure successful deployments using synthetic lab and real field data. Adding Customer Experience to Distributed Tracing)

  • Easily isolate latency of network vs. backend services

  • Utilize lab and field data to ensure successful deployments

  • Understand how page speed impacts bounce, abandonment, and user satisfaction

User-centric perceived performance for modern websites

New Relic’s perceived performance metrics go beyond traditional “page load time” by helping you answer questions about how users perceive your site performance. Know how fast your page displays content, how quickly users can interact, and how much lag exists per page. (User centric performance metrics - blogpost)

  • Paint timing metrics - how quickly do pages display content?

  • Interactivity metrics - how quickly can users engage?

  • Largest contentful paint - how quickly does marquee content render?

Deep insights for JavaScript errors

Don’t let issues in your code irritate your customers. With JavaScript debugging from New Relic Browser, you can be sure your JS experiences are fluid and dynamic.

  • Quickly find and fix the most significant JS errors 
  • Filter by those that are most impacting your users
  • Mitigate overall site performance issues 

Correlate performance and profits

Understand the cost of poor performance by leveraging New Relic’s programmable applications and dashboarding capabilities to measure, improve, and report on your site’s business outcome. Improving site speed helps decrease bounce rate and abandonment, and keeps users satisfied and engaged.

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“With New Relic, we were able to see that our customers were experiencing a delay with our pricing engine of about eight seconds. We then made a strategic effort to improve that time, getting it down to 100 milliseconds. That’s translated to a better customer experience and more completed purchases.”

Yang Tang, Global Director of Engineering, AB InBev

“We’ve been evolving site performance from a technical thing to an actual business driver with an impact on conversion and user experience. We’ve started creating performance dashboards that can be leveraged by the business as they think about performance as a business investment.”

Todd Wilson, Director of Platform Engineering, REI

“New Relic provided us with the visibility we needed to detect and remedy what could have been a significant issue on our busiest day of the year. It was this success that led our leadership to fully embrace New Relic, and that launched us on the monitoring journey we continue today.”

Matt Kundrat, Production Support Manager for Digital Technology, American Eagle Outfitters

“We rely heavily on New Relic to identify where the various cost centers are, and then analyze and implement changes to boost efficiency and help meet that cost-saving goal.”

Roger Hoffmann, Vice President of Technology Operations, | HauteLook

See how New Relic Browser works with our other products

New Relic Browser + New Relic APM

Harness the combined power of APM and Browser to detect and correct problems throughout your entire application stack. Ensure successful builds and deployments, see how those deployments impact customer experience, and get a full picture of user satisfaction and revenue impact.

New Relic Browser + New Relic Mobile

When you combine Mobile and Browser, you can connect the transaction flow from the mobile application to the desktop, know which app version is working best, and gain a complete understanding of the mobile/web experience.

New Relic Browser + New Relic Synthetics

By using Synthetics in pre-production, you can effectively error-proof deployments before a release so you’ll be confident moving into production. With comparative charting you’ll have a clear understanding of how real and synthetic traffic can impact your users.

New Relic Browser + New Relic Insights

By combining Insights with Browser, you can analyze, query, and visualize business outcomes alongside your site performance. See how your code is impacting user behavior and dig into specific issues in order to implement faster remedies.

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