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Published and supported by Tesco_48


The plugin provides ability to monitor NFS v4 server.

  1. I/O operation per second.
  2. Directories activities per second
  3. Files activities per second
  4. Files Information activities per second
  5. Files Latency
  6. Directory Latency


Python > 2.7


Installation instructions here

  1. Get the plugin from github
  2. Copy the newrelic-agent.cfg to /etc/newrelic { create /etc/newrelic if it does not exists }
  3. Edit /etc/newrelic/newrelic-agent.cfg to include your key.
  4. Start newrelic-glusterfs-monitoring agent as daemon { E.g nohup ./newrelic-glusterfs-monitoring >> /dev/null 2>&1 & }




The glusterfs plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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