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Published and supported by Software AG Government Solutions


This plugin consist in a JAVA process that continuously pulls metrics from a running Terracotta Server Array (TSA) at scheduled intervals, and makes use of New Relic’s RESTful metric publishing API (at to push aggregated metrics to the NewRelic platform.

This plugin is part of the 2-plugins bundle (Ehcache and Terracotta)

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: This plugin does rely on a running Terracotta (OSS or EE), and will not work at this point for applications using the Ehcache-only / Ehcache Standalone library.

When running the agent, you will see 2 new plugin tabs in your New Relic plugins section:

  1. Terracotta: This tab is all about the Terracotta server-specific metrics such as clients connected, offheap used, read/write rates, etc...
  2. Ehcache: This tab has all the cache-specific stats such as cache sizes by tiers, hit/miss ratios, hit/miss rates, etc...

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Also, this plugin is not officially supported by Software AG / Terracotta While it has been tested with various versions of Terracotta 4.x (both Enterprise and OSS) and should work for you, it's not a guarantee. Please report bugs or feature enhancements directly on this github project and we volunteers will make every efforts to fix things in a timely manner.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: This plugin is not designed to work with Terracotta 3.x and below (only Terracotta 4.x / ehcache 2.8 and above)


  1. A New Relic account. Signup for a free account at
  2. A configured Java Developer Kit (JDK) - version 1.6 or better
  3. Access to a running Terracotta Server (version 4.x)
  4. (Only if using Terracotta EE) Access to Terracotta Management Console (TMC)
  5. Plugin must be able to connect via HTTP REST to Terracotta or TMC (based on mode of connection chosen)


See for detailed installations


Available at




Software is provided as-is and supported on a volunteer basis. Not officially supported by Software AG / Terracotta.

The Terracotta plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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