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Memcached Cloud

Published and supported by Redis Labs

Monitor, trend and configure email alerts for performance and usage metrics of your Memcached Cloud buckets. This plugin tracks the following metrics:

● Aggregate and typed operations per second throughput.

● Aggregate and typed average operation latency.

● Memory use and usage.

● Connections use.

● Keys’ total, hit ratio, hits, misses as well as objects’ evictions and expirations.

Installation Instructions:

Your New Relic license key is required to install and run a plugin. Enter your New Relic license key in your Memcached Cloud console at the Account Info page (under the Account -> Account Info menu entry). Note: if you are using the Memcached Cloud add-on for PaaS, access the add-on's console via single sign-on from your platform's console.

Click on the clipboard icon to quickly copy your license key.

The Memcached Cloud plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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