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Progress Application Server for OpenEdge

Published and supported by Progress Software Corporation


New Relic users have relied on the platform’s ability to gain end-to-end business intelligence across their applications. The new Progress Plugin for New Relic works with the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge to provide a cloud environment for monitoring and managing the performance metrics of PAS for OpenEdge.

Built on the widely-adopted Apache Tomcat, PAS for OpenEdge is a scalable, secure and standards-based application server that facilitates the modernization of legacy applications and increases its extensibility to deliver improved digital experiences and cloud and mobile-first deployment. Users expect applications to always be up-to-date with the latest functionality, requiring no downtime, yet remaining secure and compliant at all times. PAS for OpenEdge is a critical component in allowing developers to leverage existing ABL code to provide new functionality and user experiences while maintaining a highly secure environment.

The Progress Plugin for New Relic allows New Relic users to capture metrics from the PAS for OpenEdge environment to manage, configure, and monitor the following metrics for easier data analysis within PAS for OpenEdge.


Agent metrics for ABL application(s)
Request metrics for ABL application(s)
Session metrics for ABL application(s)
Transport metrics for Web Application(s) associated with ABL application(s)


To use this plugin, you: 1. Must have installed Version 11.7.3 or newer of PAS for OpenEdge and have accepted the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) that can be found at

  1. Must have one or more running PAS for OpenEdge instance(s)

  2. Must have a New Relic account

  3. Acknowledge and agree to be bound by the additional terms regarding the Progress Plugin for New Relic that can be found at


You can find the installation instructions inside the plugin zip which can be downloaded from PROGRESS ESD ("")


For any details about the PAS for OpenEdge plugin or troubleshooting, please post your queries to the Progress Community at

The Progress Application Server for OpenEdge plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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