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Published and supported by New Relic Platform Team

The New Relic F5 Plugin enables integrated monitoring of your F5 Local Traffic Manager devices inside of New Relic.

SSL Global statistics include:

  • Requests/second
  • Transactions per Protocol
  • Transactions per Digest
  • Transactions per Key Exchanges

SSL Profile statistics include:

  • Current connection by Profile
  • Session cache entries
  • Session cache lookups per second
  • Session cache hits per second
  • Session cache hit rate
  • Session cache overflows per second
  • Session cache invalidations per second

iRule metrics include:

  • Executions per second
  • Execution time (if timing is enabled)
  • Aborts per second
  • Failures per second

SNAT Pool metrics include:

  • Current connection count
  • Connections per second
  • Max connection count
  • Throughput (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Packets per Second (Inbound and Outbound)

Pool metrics include:

  • Requests per second
  • Current connection count
  • Connections per second
  • Throughput (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Packets per second (Inbound and Outbound)

Virtual Server metrics include:

  • Requests per second
  • Current connection count
  • Connections per second
  • Throughput (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Packets per second (Inbound and Outbound)
  • CPU Usage

Device wide metrics include:

  • CPU / Memory usage
  • Throughput (Total, Client side, Server side)
  • HTTP Requests (Requests/second, HTTP Methods, Status Codes, Versions)
  • HTTP Compression (Pre/Post broken down by content type)
  • TCP Details (Current connections, connection rate, Server/Client side, Wait State)
  • Node status

Interface Statistics include:

  • State (Up/Down)
  • Throughput
  • Packets per Second (Unicast / Multicast)
  • Errors per Second
  • Dropped packets per Second
  • Collisions per Second


This plugin has been tested with F5 LTM versions 11.2.x and 11.3.x. Some metrics are reported on 10.2.x, but the data is incomplete due to SNMP changes made by F5 between 10 and 11.

A read-only SNMP community is required for each device to be monitored. Currently, only SNMP verison 2c is supported.

Installation and Running

Install this gem from RubyGems:

gem install newrelic_f5_plugin Create an installation directory (like /opt/newrelic/f5 ).

In the installation directory, execute

f5_monitor install -l LICENSE_KEY using the license key from your New Relic account.

Edit the config/newrelic_plugin.yml file generated in step 4. Setup name/hostname/port/snmp_community for each F5 you wish to monitor.


f5_monitor run

Github Repository

Additional information regarding this plugin can be found in the README on its Github page:


Plugin support or troubleshooting assistance is available by clicking the "Support site" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page, or go directly to

The F5 LTM plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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