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Amazon EC2

Published and supported by New Relic Platform Team

The Amazon EC2 plugin displays CloudWatch metrics for EC2, such as Disk Operations, CPU usage, and Network IO.

There is a single install to monitor several AWS services through CloudWatch. Other monitored services include: EBS, ELB, RDS, SQS, SNS, and ElastiCache.

Available as a Ruby install and as an AMI.


  • A single t1.micro EC2 instance (in any region)
  • Ruby (>= 1.9.2)
  • Rubygems (>= 1.3.7)
  • Bundler gem install bundler

Installation information

Manual Installation

Click the Continue button below, then follow the directions in the README.

Installation with Chef/Puppet

Chef and Puppet are tools that automate software installation. The Amazon EC2 plugin has installation support for both:

  • Chef:
  • Puppet:

Note: For more information on using Chef and Puppet with New Relic, see the New Relic docs:


This plugin is also available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) via the AWS Marketplace. Learn more, then quickly install and configure the AMI here:

The AMI takes the contents of config/newrelic_plugin.yml as user-data, which is configured when creating the EC2 instance. Once the instance is running with valid user-data, no further action is required. To change the configuration, terminate the current instance and create another.

If you like the AMI, please leave a 5-star review in the AWS Marketplace.

If you don't like the AMI, New Relic would appreciate that you do not leave a bad review on the AWS Marketplace. Instead, open a ticket with New Relic Support (via the support link) and let us know what we could do better. We take your feedback very seriously and will work on improvements as soon as possible. Plus, by opening a ticket, we'll notify you when we've addressed your feedback.


  • CloudWatch detailed monitoring is recommended, please enable it when available. (see Using Amazon CloudWatch section on
  • Chart x-axis (time) is off by 60 seconds, this is due to CloudWatch's lag & lack of New Relic backfill (end time) support.
  • Latest data point is used to fill gaps in low resolution metrics.
  • Can use services like Upstart, Systemd, Runit, and Monit to manage the process.

The source code is available on GitHub for full review. New Relic's AWS plugin is offered under the MIT license.

The Amazon EC2 plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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