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Published and supported by New Relic Platform Team


New Relic Memcached Plugin - Java

Capture performance and usage data about your Memcached 1.4+ servers to give you insights and improve troubleshooting.


Cache Use: Cache miss ratios for all operations (e.g. get/incr/decr), total operations broken down by hits/misses

System Use: Total memory available and consumed, active connections to the service, CPU utilization, and thread use

Items: Average item size, total number of items stored, item creation rate, evictions and reclaims per second

What's new in V2?

This plugin has been upgraded to V2 of the New Relic Platform Java SDK. For version 2 of the Java SDK, we have made several changes to help make the installation experience more uniform for plugins. The changes include:

  • '' file is now 'newrelic.json'
  • Plugin configuration is now done through the 'plugin.json' file
  • Logging has been made more robust and easier to use.
  • Jar distributables now have a well-defined name (i.e. plugin.jar)
  • Configuration files are now located in a well-defined location (i.e. './config' off the root)

More information on these changes (including how to configure logging, license keys, and the plugin itself) can be found here: If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our forums here:


To use this plugin, you must have:

  • A New Relic account. Signup for a free account at
  • A server running Memcached v1.4 or greater.
  • A configured Java Runtime (JRE) environment Version 1.6 or better

Installation information

New Relic Platform Installer

The New Relic Platform Installer (NPI) is a simple, lightweight command line tool that helps you easily download, configure and manage New Relic Platform Plugins and the recommended way of installing this plugin. To install the plugin via NPI, scroll to the 'Installation' section below. If you're interested in learning more simply go to our forum category (

Alternative Installation Options

  • Manual Install (Non-Standard)
  • Installation via Chef/Puppet

To learn more about alternate options for installing this plugin, check out the Plugin's README file on Github:


Additional information regarding this plugin can be located in the README file on its Github project page:


Plugin support or troubleshooting assistance is available by clicking the "Support site" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page, or go directly to

The Memcached plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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