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Published and supported by Mobile Nations


Cloudflare Plugin for Newrelic Fetches metrics from Cloudflare and aggregates the data, providing one dashboard that covers multiple Cloudflare sites. The code currently only supports Cloudflare Enterprise plans, as that is the only plan level that offers per-minute reporting. Can also collect performance data from local RailGun servers.

  • Total Bandwidth Mbps (Total, Cached, Uncached, Railgun)
  • Total Requests/s (Total, Cached, Uncached)
  • Bandwidth and Requests by Site
  • Cache Ratio
  • Origin bandwidth and requests
  • Pageviews and Googlebot request
  • Threats
  • Origin vs Railgun Bandwidth
  • Railgun Compression
  • Railgun WAN Mpbs


  • Node.JS/NPM
  • Cloudflare Enterprise account


  • Install NodeJs and NPM Download
  • Download plugin from GitHub and extract
  • Inside the plugin directory, install the required npm modules (npm install async cloudflare4)


  • cfConfig

    • API Key/Email
  • rgConfig

    • If you use railgun, enable stats.listen in railgun.conf and set stats.interval = 1
    • Specify each railgun server in rgConfig
  • newRelicConfig

    • Newrelic license key and host name of the server this script will run it.

We use PM2 as a node process manager, which enables node.js script to run forever, gather logs, and to run at boot. i npm install pm2@latest -g
pm2 start xen_monitor.js

pm2 stop 0
pm2 restart 0
pm2 reload 0

To start at boot: pm2 startup, followed by pm2 save


As-Is. Use at your own risk etc.


Report issues on GitHub Issues tracker

The Cloudflare plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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