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NFS Statistics

Published and supported by Delivery Agent Inc (non-prod)


A New Relic Plugin that gathers data from nfsiostat to push to newrelic.

This is "tested" on CentOS 6, but should work on RHEL/CentOS/etc 5-7.

Monitoring Highlights

  • Detailed NFS Statistics for ALL mountpoints or a "list"


  • Python 2.6.x or 2.7.x
  • Linux Kernel with /proc/self/mountstats
  • NFS Mounted Filesystems to monitor ;)


  • Download the RPM from the latest release
  • yum localinstall (filename).rpm


  • EDIT: /etc/newrelic-nfsiostat.conf
    • Set your license key in the key setting
    • Enable proxy if necessary

Start/Stop Service

  • service newrelic-nfsiostat start

  • service newrelic-nfsiostat stop


  • Please restart newrelic-nfsiostat after upgrading (yes, the RPM should do that, no it currently doesn't)


This type of installation is for experts only * * Build RPM * Dowload the source and execute:

python sdist_rpm
cd dist/
yum localinstall <RPM You Just Made>.rpm
  • Source Distribution
    • Download the source and execute:
      python sdist
      cd dist/
      tar zxf <The Tarball>
      cd <The Directory you just unzipped>
      python install


We are loosely using GPLv2, withiout having really read or understood the consequences or benefits.


Support is only on a best effort basis. We are using this module, it works for us. Your milege may vary. Please file an issue in GitHub if you have problems, suggestions, etc.

Please Fork, branch and submit pull requests :)


  • Mon Nov 24 2014 Tommy McNeely 0.2.5-1
  • fixes #16 - More complete fix to the /dev/tty issues (See Issue #7)

  • Tue Nov 04 2014 Tommy McNeely 0.2.4-1

  • Fixed Issue #13 - Crash on error handling (See Issue #8)

  • Tue Nov 04 2014 Tommy McNeely 0.2.3-1

  • Updating to v0.2.3
  • Fixed Issue #8 - Crash on httplib.BadStatusLine
  • Fixed Issue #7 - Crash on start at boot (No such device /dev/tty)
  • Fixed Issue #6 - Fix for no data when using NFSv4 (ReadDirPlus)

  • Thu Jun 26 2014 Tommy McNeely 0.2.2-1

  • Updating to v0.2.2
  • Adds NFS Aggregate Stats

  • Thu Jun 26 2014 Tommy McNeely 0.2.1-1

  • Fixing scripts, package names, etc

  • Thu Jun 26 2014 Tommy McNeely 0.2.0-1

  • Initial RPM after forking from NewRHELic

The NFS Statistics plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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