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Published and supported by Boundless - Production

The New Relic Postgres Plugin enables integrated monitoring of your Postgres database in a custom NewRelic dashboard. Currently the following metrics are recorded:

Index size, miss rate, and count Cache miss rate Idle and active connection counts BGWriter metrics Tuple metrics Transactions committed and rolled back Requirements

Proxy host

You need a host to install the plugin on that is able to poll the desired Postgres database. That host also needs Ruby (tested with 2.0.0), and support for rubygems. Heroku is a great choice for this. A fully deployable example app is provided.


This plugin has been tested with with a few different Postgres version and should work with any version compatible with the pg gem.

Installation and Running

Install this gem from RubyGems:

gem install newrelic_postgres_plugin

Create an installation directory (like /opt/newrelic/postgres ).

In the installation directory, execute

pg_monitor install -l LICENSE_KEY

using the license key from your New Relic account.

Edit the config/newrelic_plugin.yml file generated in step 4. Setup host/port/user/password/dbname for your postgres connection. Execute

pg_monitor run

You should now see your results in the left-hand navigation of the NewRelic web UI under a tab labeled 'Postgres'.

Heroku Instructions

Unlike the default NewRelic Postgres plugin, this plugin is designed to be fully compatible with monitoring Heroku Postgres. In fact, we've even created a simple app you can run on Heroku to monitor your existing apps.

Instructions for using Heroku as your proxy host can be found in the heroku_postgres_monitor repo.

The Postgres plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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