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Atlassian Bamboo®

Published and supported by AppFusions

New Relic for Atlassian Bamboo

The New Relic for Atlassian Bamboo plugin allows you to track metrics in six categories: agent metrics, build metrics , indexing metrics, threading metrics, plugin metrics, and Java metrics. Sampling of those values is done every 60 seconds.

Agent metrics

This plugin allows you to view the statistics below in table form, or to add them to custom dashboards so that you can track them alongside metrics from other sources. The metrics available to you are:

  • The number of local agents
  • The number of remote agents
  • Ths number of on-line elastic agents
  • For each active and enable agent:
    • the average build duration for that agent; and
    • the average queuing time for that agent.

Build metrics

These metrics include:

  • The number of enabled build plans
  • The number of build result summaries

Indexing metrics

Re-indexing build result summaries is a relatively heavy-weight server process. To help you guage the level of indexing activity, the following metrics are provided:

  • How long will it take to reindex all build results
  • How many documents all indexes have in total

Thread metrics

Bamboo runs tasks in background threads. The plugin presents the following thread-related metrics:

  • How many threads are currently executing
  • The maximmum number of threads
  • The number of runnables that are waiting to be run

Plugin metrics

There's not much to report here, since plugins vary in their internal use of system resources. The plugin simply reports the number of plugins that are enabled.

Java metrics

This category includes a few Java internal metrics that are known to affect Bamboo's performance. Although a much more comprehensive view of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) internals would be provided by New Relic's APM product, in many cases, a more coarse-grained view is sufficient for basic Bamboo server health monitoring. The included metrics are:

  • The number of available processors
  • The amount of memory used by Java
  • The amount of free memory available
  • The total amount of server memory

Plugin requirements

This plugin is compatible with Atlassian Bamboo version 5.6.0 and later. You will need System Administrator privileges on your Bamboo instance in order to install the add-on for that platform, and configure it with your New Relic account details. In order that metrics about your Bamboo instance can be published to you New Relic account, your Bamboo instance will need access to the Internet via SSL (HTTPS), and specifically the domain.


Installation is relatively straight-forward. You'll need to download an Atlassian add-on from the AppFusions website, and then install that add-on in your Bamboo instance. See the plugin documentation for detailed instructions:


To activate the New Relic for Atlassian Bamboo plugin, you'll need to obtain a license (free) from AppFusions, and then configure the plugin in Bamboo's Administration area. Please see the plugin documentation for further details:


AppFusions provides support for this plugin. To view frequently-asked questions, or to find out how to contact an AppFusions support person, visit the support page:

The Atlassian Bamboo® plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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