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Atlassian JIRA®

Published and supported by AppFusions

New Relic for Atlassian JIRA

The New Relic for Atlassian JIRA plugin tracks your JIRA system, gathering metrics every 60 seconds. The metrics are continually updated through your New Relic dashboard. The plugin tracks metrics in two categories:

  • database items
  • Java metrics

Java metrics

The following system-wide performance-related Java/JVM metrics are tracked. These metrics are often sufficient for basic JIRA server health monitoring:

  • number of available processors
  • amount of Java memory used
  • amount of available free memory
  • total server memory

New Relic's APM product can provide more comprehensive JVM metrics on your JIRA system, if needed.

Database items

The following system-wide JIRA database metrics are collected in table form (or can be added to custom dashboards alongside other metrics from other sources).

  • number of JIRA projects
  • number of issue records
  • number of custom fields defined
  • number of workflows
  • number of attachments
  • number of comments
  • number of JIRA users
  • number of JIRA groups


This plugin is compatible with Atlassian JIRA version 6.3.14 and later.

  • New Relic account details
  • System Administrator account on JIRA system to install and configure the plugin.
  • JIRA server must have access to the Internet via SSL (HTTPS), and specifically the domain in order for metrics to be published to your New Relic account.
  • Evaluation or production license for plugin. Request from
  • Compatible plugin downloaded from AppFusions:


  1. Download the JIRA add-on (.obr extension) from AppFusions:
  2. Log into JIRA with a system administrator account.
  3. From the JIRA menu bar, click Administration (the cog icon) -> Add-ons
  4. Select Manage add-ons.
  5. Click the Upload add-on link.
  6. Select the add-on file, and upload it. The add-on will be installed in JIRA. When finished, a dialog will appear indicating that the installation was successful.
  7. In the left-most JIRA Administration panel, click on the New Relic for JIRA link under APPFUSIONS ADD-ONS.


  1. In the Configuration panel for the add-on in JIRA, activate New Relic for Atlassian JIRA by entering and saving:

  2. New Relic account name

  3. New Relic license key

  4. Go to your New Relic account to see your JIRA server metrics tracking.


Contact AppFusions at

The Atlassian JIRA® plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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