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Published and supported by Aerospike Inc


New Relic Aerospike Plugin - Java

Trend and monitor Aerospike statistics using the New Relic Aerospike plugin. Plugin gathers metrics from your Aerospike and sends the metrics to the New Relic Platform. Collection and visualization of various metric from Aerospike includes :

  • Overview
  • Node Statistics
  • Namespaces Statistics
  • Latency

Note: There has be a lot of changes in Aerospike Server stats for 3.9+ versions. Many stats have been moved from node level to namespace level. There could be few graphs in above categories, which appears empty for 3.9+ or any earlier version.Graphs for Older stats(Aerospike Server < 3.9) would be deprecated in future.

Discover (Default Dashboards)

Overview: Cluster size, Reads, Writes, Used memory, Used disk.

Node Statistics: Reads, Writes, Used memory, Used disk, Client connections, Node uptime, Migration outgoing remaining, Objects, Basic scan succeeded, Batch initiate.

Namespace Statistics: Used memory, Used disk, Replica object, Master objects, Expired objects, Evicted objects, Scan completed, Batch Read Records, Migration incoming remaining, migration outgoing remaining.

Latency: Reads, Writes, UDF, Query, Proxy.


  • A New Relic account.
  • Java Runtime (JRE) environment Version 1.6 or later
  • Network access to New Relic.
  • Running Aerospike server.


New Relic Platform Installer

The New Relic Platform Installer (NPI) is a simple, lightweight command line tool that helps you easily download, configure and manage New Relic Platform Plugins and the recommended way of installing this plugin. To install the plugin via NPI, scroll to the 'Installation' section below. If you're interested in learning more, simply go to New relic forum category (

Alternative Installation Options

Manual Install (Non-Standard)

To learn more about alternate options for installing this plugin, check out the Plugin's README file on Github:


Additional information regarding this plugin can be located in the README file and Docs/user_guide on its Github project page:


Plugin support or troubleshooting assistance is available by clicking the "Support site" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page, or visit (

The Aerospike plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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