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Neuron ESB

Published and supported by 203 Solutions

Neuron ESB Plugin for New Relic


  • A New Relic account. Signup for a free account at
  • A server running Neudesic's Neuron 3.5 or greater. Download the latest versions of Neuron here.
  • .NET 3.5 on Windows Server.


The Neuron ESB plugin can be installed manually or automatically with the New Relic Platform Installer.

Additional information on New Relic's Platform install can be found in their documentation.

Running the Agent

Option 1: New Relic Platform Installer

  1. Install the NPI tool, if not done already.
  2. Install the Plugin: npi install com.203sol.newrelic.neuronesb
  3. Make any necessary changes to plugin.json and newrelic.json in the <plugindir>/config directory.

Option 2: Manual Installer - Option 1 is far easier!

  1. No seriously, Option 1 is easier.
  2. Doanload the latest from the GitHub releases page.
  3. Extract the downloaded archive to the location you want to run the Memcached agent from
  4. Copy <plugindir>/config/newrelic.template.json to <plugindir>/config/newrelic.json
  5. Copy <plugindir>/config/plugin.template.json to <plugindir>/config/plugin.json
  6. Update <plugindir>/config/newrelic.json with your New Relic license key.
  7. Update <plugindir>/config/plugin.json to make any required changes.
  8. From CMD or PowerShell run:+1: ./plugin.exe
  9. Wait a few minutes for New Relic to begin processing the data sent from your agent.
  10. Log into your New Relic account at and click on Neuron ESB from the Plugin page to view your metrics.

Source Code

This plugin can be found at


Feel free to fork us, submit issues, and pull requests!

The Neuron ESB plugin extends the power of New Relic's monitoring capabilities.

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