Database performance

Viewing slow SQL queries is a breeze with New Relic. We can help you pinpoint exactly where the slowest queries are occurring.


New Relic uses Apdex scoring to help you evaluate how well your Zend Framework 1.0 application is performing for your end-users based on an industry-standard measurement. Performance data insights help you better understand what percentage of your users are either frustrated or satisfied. Our Apdex scoring provides much more actionable context than a general “the site is slow” complaint that may not surface until hours after the incident. Apdex also gives you a more objective way to measure how well your performance improvements are being felt by your end-users.

Function Performance

Using Web Transaction Traces, you can see which functions are the slowest in your application. You can use this functionality to identify slow functions in any of the custom modules you may have written. You can also monitor delays in your application that stem from community module functions that may be caused by authenticating with third-party systems.

Key Transactions

You have certain crucial operations in your application that are very important to your service. These could include things like: add to cart, checkout, or general payment processing. Your key web transactions consistently need to run quickly and reliably. Conveniently, you can use New Relic to tag those operations as key transactions, and those key transactions can then send custom alerts.

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