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Sell with New Relic.

Sell with New Relic to help differentiate your business, generate revenue and make customers happy.

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MSP & ISV Partners

Bundle or embed New Relic into your services to help ensure your customers are getting the valuable insight they need from your service. Spend time focusing on your service offering or application logic, not your application monitoring. You can:

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    Lower your costs.
    Decrease support expenditures by giving your customers the ability to troubleshoot application issues on their own.
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    Expand your service offerings.
    Expand your business offerings by providing world-class New Relic software analytics solutions to your clients.
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    Improve app performance.
    Gain better visibility for your application or service through a single pane of glass. Pinpoint and fix problems fast with real-time, end-to-end insight into application performance.
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    Receive co-selling support.
    Valuable resources, training, and tools to help you maintain successful customer relationships.

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Reseller Partners

Become a trusted advisor to your customers with a leading cloud solution for software analytics. New Relic provides go to market tools, enablement services and flexible terms to support your growing business needs.

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    Lower your customer’s costs.
    Help customers decrease time and resources spent troubleshooting application issues through New Relic software analytics.
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    Pre-sales resources, demo environments, and pipeline development to help generate business.
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    Discounts and license rights.
    License rights to resell New Relic to end customers and offer discounts.
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    Receive go to market support.
    Valuable co-marketing resources, training, and tools to help you maintain successful customer relationships.

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