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Integrate with New Relic.

Create a New Relic integration in three easy steps. Here’s what you need to do.

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Explore integration options.

Check out our API explorer, or choose from these integration types and start building.

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Build an SSO integration

Seamlessly authenticate users using SSO/SAML.

SAML service providers

Pull data from New Relic.

Use these APIs to extract data and events from New Relic.

Connect with New Relic
Examples of our Connect integrations

Set up and configure within New Relic products.

Flow events from your app or business into, and query results flowing out of, New Relic Insights.

Examples of our Insights Integrations
Inserting custom events
Querying data remotely


Browser loader
Browser plugin

Manage accounts and users.

Programmatically create and manage New Relic accounts and users.
Partner API Reference

Push data to New Relic.

Build and publish an out-of-the-box plugin with New Relic.

Developing Plugins
Examples of our Plugins

Push alerts using webhooks.

Integrate New Relic alerting features with virtually any software.

Alerts webhook examples
Alerts notification channels

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