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Integrate New Relic Insights with Electric Imp and get immediate answers from your software.
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With New Relic Insights you can...

  • Collect data directly from your software with New Relic’s intelligent agents already running inside your app
  • Easily bring data that lives outside of your software into Insights with our powerful API
  • Immediately get started by exploring your New Relic Web data (page view and transaction events) and New Relic Mobile data (MobileSession events) straight out of the box
  • Take advantage of a fast and highly scalable database custom-built for your big data
  • Add new types of data on the fly with Insights’ flexible, schemaless event database
  • Forget about indexing—you can now get answers instantly, no matter what you ask or how you ask it
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Complete Visibility Into Your Application

With New Relic you can:

  • Monitor production web apps
  • Troubleshoot potential issues proactively
  • Improve service delivery and SLAs

Real-time Monitoring For Your iOS and Android Apps

Don't wait to hear about performance problems. With New Relic for Mobile Apps you can:

  • Monitor your native mobile apps in real-time - don't be in the dark any longer
  • Get insight and actionable data from real users and sessions
  • Constantly monitor the health of services that your app depends on for its success
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One Powerful and Open Platform to Monitor Your Entire Stack

All the data, insights, and customized plugins you need. All for FREE

  • Large and growing library of plugins
  • Simple-to-install plugins for the technologies you use every day
  • Monitor Everything from within New Relic's easy to use UI

What's awesome? Web & Mobile Monitoring Together - that's awesome!

Easily cross-trace across web and mobile transactions

You can use New Relic for Mobile Apps on it's own, or, you can have your mind blown and run it along with New Relic Web for your backend systems, and Wowza! Our single-view SaaS platform delivers unified visibility across mobile apps, back-end services and web apps. So, monitor how your mobile apps are talking to your web services, and dig deep to pinpoint problems - all in a single and familiar UI for fast diagnosis of issues in today's highly distributed mobile and web app architectures.

Web and Mobile +

Start from inside your mobile app view on the HTTP requests screen.


See the name of the web server that your app is talking to (if this is also being monitored by New Relic).


"App Server Drill-down" will take you directly to the web server view, looking at this transaction's details.

One tool, multiple languages

Creative dev and IT teams are rapidly building and deploying apps that get the job done, whether they are built with Ruby, PHP, Python, Java or .NET. Your app management tool should work with you by supporting the languages, frameworks and apps you use.

Languages Supported:

Java, Python, .NET, PHP, Ruby

You can monitor as many servers as you want, for free.

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