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AWS performance monitoring.

Optimize your cloud applications and customer experiences with New Relic for AWS.

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Make better decisions in the cloud.

You adopt AWS for better customer experiences. New Relic helps you make sure you get them. When a problem arises for your users, is it your application code or the cloud service? New Relic lets you know.

AWS delivers...

  • Service availability and performance
  • Data center provisioning and operation
  • Isolation and security of resources
  • Service maintenance
  • Reporting and billing

...but you still have to manage:

  • Application code
  • 3rd party service integrations
  • App configuration and architecture
  • On-premise components
  • Customer experience
  • Business results

*Sample list. Actual list is much longer.

Help throughout your cloud journey.
Why you need monitoring for your cloud initiatives

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Optimizing for Scale and Availability

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Powering optimal customer experiences.

AWS users big and small are gaining performance insights from New Relic.

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  • Hearst Corporation reduced the resolution time for application issues from hours to minutes
  • Tapjoy improved the in-app experience for 450 million users
  • Miniclip maintained uptime by quickly identifying issues during its cloud migration


“When we transitioned to the AWS Cloud, we needed a monitoring tool to make sure that we were getting the most out of those systems. New Relic helped us identify the best infrastructure we could use for the different services that we're building.”

Sam Parnell CTO at Bleacher Report

“New Relic is great for monitoring AWS instances because it lets us know when the servers are overloaded or when they’re not being used heavily enough, so that we can take them away and help save money.”

Will Jordan Software Engineer at

“At TapJoy, we run a lot of servers inside of AWS and we've been able to constantly reduce our infrastructure thanks to the information we're getting from New Relic APM. That's able to save us hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.”

Weston Jossey Head of Operations at TapJoy

“With New Relic, we can easily view server and browser performance, and identify any performance hot spots within the AWS environment.”

Wilken Rivera Software Engineer at Condé Nast Entertainment

“The benefit of using New Relic with AWS is that you have the flexibility to manage your servers yourself. With New Relic, we can keep a constant eye on making sure our servers stay online and services don't go down.”

Brian Norton Chief Hacker at Shoto

Tips and tricks for better AWS performance.

Want to boost your end-user experience, simplify management, and reduce costs? Of course you do. Here are just a few of our best practices for monitoring AWS with New Relic.

  1. Right-size your AWS instances to get an accurate view of your AWS ecosystem.
  2. Use New Relic Infrastructure Professional to monitor AWS services like CloudFront, DynamoDB, EBS, ElastiCache, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), IAM, Kinesis, RDS, SNS, SQS, and VPC.
  3. Use an automation solution like Chef or Puppet to make life easier by letting you to automate your entire deployment and management process.
  4. Set thresholds for alerts on various metrics relating to your AWS applications, servers, and key transactions.

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