Modernizing with AWS: Replatforming

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More complex than rehosting and less involved than refactoring, replatforming can be categorized as a “middle road” for application modernization. But how do you know when replatforming is the right approach? And how can you reduce project risk while streamlining the effort—so you can maximize all the benefits of a replatformed application on AWS? 

Hint: It all starts with data and best practices. 

Download part 2 of our series on Modernizing with AWS for step-by-step guidance on replatforming your applications. Learn how to use New Relic in concert with the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, plus:

  • The what, when, and why for effective replatforming
  • How to mitigate risks effectively in your replatforming projects
  • Data you can use before, during, and after replatorming to achieve the  measurable results you seek
  • The benefits of replatforming—from improved scalability, reliability, and performance to reduced costs for software licensing and resource usage 

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