Creating a Framework for Digital Media Success

Chaotic. Unpredictable. Disruptive. No matter how you view the media and entertainment business, there’s one thing it’s definitely not: boring. And IT teams today are being asked to navigate this tumultuous digital landscape and deliver the right content, to any device, with perfect performance, at any time of day. It can be a challenge.

Read this ebook now to learn how to use data to create a performance culture that puts you on the path to digital media success. Discover detailed monitoring strategies, including the essential KPIs you need to measure for:

  • Cloud-Based Digital Workflows – availability, throughput, response time, memory footprint, and more application and infrastructure metrics
  • Multi-Channel Delivery – document object model readiness, session count, duration, and more customer experience metrics
  • Direct-to-Consumer Relations – video play count, buffer time, bitrate, success rate, and more video engagement metrics
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