Measuring Customer Experience in the Banking Industry

Understanding the elements that go into the monitoring of the digital customer experiences you deliver

New regulations, evolving customer expectations, and increased competition are transforming the way banks engage with customers. As the banking industry undergoes rapid change, the ability of a company to reliably deliver an excellent mobile or online experience for their customers becomes a key differentiator. 

The technology stack that underpins customer-facing mobile banking applications or APIs is extraordinarily complex, spanning decades of technical investment from mainframes to cutting-edge microservice clusters. IT teams need to innovate and move quickly in this environment as they face increased competition from fast-moving startups. Frustrating customers with outages or slow performance isn’t acceptable. 

The foundation to improving and delivering best-in-class online or mobile customer experience is measurement. All too often, however, incomplete metrics are chosen to understand how digital customers interact with a bank, and critical issues that frustrate customers are identified slowly—or not at all. 

This guide presents an overview of the three key dimensions that compose a digital customer experience, and what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track to determine how well you are delivering digital experiences for customers. 

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