Lowering MTTR with Tail-Based Trace Sampling

On Demand Webinar

Modern software teams need deep visibility into their distributed systems to quickly identify and resolve issues. With the ability to observe and analyze 100% of the trace data, tail-based sampling can give teams that visibility. But current solutions make this difficult, forcing DevOps teams to deploy, manage, and scale vendor software themselves.

New Relic’s new tail-based solution changes that. Fully managed and cloud-local, it gives software teams the error data and most critical traces they need to quickly identify and resolve errors and latency. And it eliminates the toil of having to run third-party software yourself.

See how to get complete visibility into your distributed systems and deep-dive into:

  • Head-based vs tail-based sampling and debunking the myth of “no sample” architecture
  • Observing 100% of your distributed tracing data and visualizing the most useful traces in New Relic
  • How to quickly troubleshoot a distributed system


Part of the three-part Observability in Practice webinar series, a deep dive into the key tools and best practices for achieving observability in modern systems.

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