Improve native app experiences

Get full-stack visibility to understand the impact of frontend and backend performance of your mobile apps. Real-time alerts help you quickly prioritize and resolve problems, and custom dashboards make it easy to visualize how crashes, errors, and latency really impact your customer experience.

Mobile uptime and peak performance monitoring.

Understand your mobile app performance in the context of your entire end-user experience. By combining RUM, synthetic, and native app monitoring, it’s now easy to troubleshoot customer-impacting issues faster. Analyze user-centric perceived performance metrics to improve the experience for every deployment and code change. Plus, New Relic Mobile capabilities are included out-of-the-box with our Free Tier. 

Mobile app monitoring, in minutes.

It just takes these easy steps to start visualizing your mobile applicationdata to accelerate troubleshooting and issue resolution critical to your end-user experience.

  1. Install the mobile agent on your Android or iOS apps
  2. Customize what you want to monitor with our Android or iOS SDK APIs
  3. Configure alerts, correlate your apps, add custom data to your queries, and customize and share your charts and dashboards.

Free access to New Relic. Forever.

Monitoring your stack should never include host-based guessing games or hidden costs—just simple pricing with no surprises.

Customers trust New Relic.