Your Things have lots of data

Ask them questions and get immediate answers

Powering the Next Generation of Computers

You’d never guess how much fascinating data is sitting on your wrist. Now imagine all that data multiplied by all the wrists in the world. It adds up pretty quickly. With New Relic Insights, tame your embedded and wearable device data to get the answers you need in the blink of an eye, snap of the fingers, flick of the, well, you get it.

Visualization & Analysis

Our dashboarding tool comes with a variety of ways to provide meaningful visualizations on top of your event data. Based on the kind of query you run in New Relic Insights, we suggest the appropriate graphs and visualizations that best suit your analysis. By making minor adjustments to your queries, you can explore all of the different ways to present your data.

Simple Event API

Sending data to New Relic Insights is as simple as making an HTTP request. To get you started, we’ve written example code and libraries for a few popular platforms. If you’re developing on another platform, check out our documentation on how to submit custom events via HTTP.


As a main staple of digital artists and hobbyists, the Arduino boasts an immense community and rich set of expansion hardware. With New Relic Insights, it’s simple to log environmental and user behavior data for real time analysis. Simply, use our InsightsClient library to get started.

Electric Imp

Electric Imp is a leading IoT connectivity platform that provides the core services to get any device online securely, quickly and seamlessly. With Electric Imp it's easy to capture data from the physical world, send it to (and from) a managed cloud, and get instantaneous analysis with New Relic Insights. Check out our example library to see just how easy it really is.

Intel Edison

Intel’s bold entrance into the IoT space comes in the form of a fully featured SoC running their Edison platform. Conveniently, Intel released an Arduino compatible toolchain for running Arduino code on Edison. Thus, you can be on your way to real time software and hardware analytics in no time with our Arduino Library.

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