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Monitoring Java applications with New Relic Infrastructure’s JMX support

Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a Java technology that supplies tools for managing and monitoring applications, system objects, devices, and service-oriented networks. Our JMX integration lets you monitor any application that exposes metrics with JMX. The metrics collected are defined in YAML files, which can be configured to collect any subset of metrics desired. A default collection file is included that contains key metrics exposed by the JVM.

What you can monitor with our JMX integration

Application metrics

You can use JMX to keep track of custom metrics, specific to your application. Expose these metrics via our JMX integration and correlate with other application and server metrics.



JVM metrics

JVM performance can be difficult to understand, because of garbage collection, JIT compilation, etc.—but with our JMX integration, you can more easily track the performance of your JVM metrics and see any irregularities.

You need to know what’s happening with your Java application

Java applications can be complex and understanding what's happening inside them can be a challenge. With our JMX integration, you can expose application-specific metrics and get a clear picture of what is happening in your code stack. Next to your application internals, the JVM has an important impact on performance and can expose many useful metrics, for example, related to memory usage and garbage collection.

Track your JMX configuration

Our JMX integration captures configuration parameters and exposes them via the New Relic inventory—where you can understand config differences across your stack and quantify how those changes impact performance.

General Inventory Example

Know immediately when your JMX performance is degrading

Get alerts for any of the JMX metrics captured—for example, set an alert when garbage collection time is dramatically increasing.

Alert Example

Ready to get started?

Install the JMX integration now and get a clear picture of your JMX metrics.


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