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Monitoring AWS Step Functions with New Relic Infrastructure

Create your own AWS Serverless workflows with AWS Step Functions, giving you the power to build and update your applications faster than ever. Step Functions can communicate with other Amazon Web Services like Lambda, Fargate, and Sagemaker to help turn your complex processes into managed workflows.

What you can monitor with our AWS Step Functions integration

Execution time

Which executions are taking too long?

Failed executions

Know when executions aren't finishing and track them down.

Throttled activities

Keep an eye on requests that are being throttled.

Know what’s happening with your AWS Step Functions

It’s particularly important to closely watch performance when you’re creating your own workflows. New Relic’s dashboard and monitoring tools can ensure maximum efficiency and help you track down any slowdowns or failures before they become critical issues, especially when working with a variety of services and connections.

See your AWS Step Functions metrics in pre-built dashboards

Visualize all your data, easily filter to a specific host, and correlate with other performance metrics.

New Relic Dashboard for AWS Step Functions

AWS Step Functions performance alerts

Get alerts if your AWS Step Functions performance degrades. You can create alerts for any of the captured metrics.

For example, set an alert when you get close to your provisioned bucket size.

AWS performance alerts

Ready to get started?

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