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Monitoring AWS Lambda with New Relic Infrastructure

AWS Lambda is the service that allows you to write and deploy code without the need to manage servers or any other infrastructure. This service natively supports several programming languages to develop AWS Lambda functions, which are pieces of custom code that run when a certain event happens.


What you can monitor with our AWS Lambda integration

Execution errors

Beware of client and server errors that prevent the function from responding, and get details of invocations to troubleshoot the errors.


Throttles and concurrent executions

Watch the invocation rates, and consider increasing the concurrency limit when invocation attempts are being throttled



Cold starts

Instrument your function code to observe cold starts, so you can keep functions warm when cold starts have an impact on your user’s experience.

You need to know what’s happening in your AWS Lambda functions

New Relic Monitoring for AWS Lambda gives you key application and service level data in a single experience. It uncovers aggregate performance data that you need to make sure your code operates at scale, like throughput and throttles, and combines it with individual invocation data including invocation source, error traces and invoked external services that are critical to troubleshooting. This functionality gives DevOps the insights they need to both monitor overall activity, and then drill down into specific requests when an error surfaces to begin troubleshooting, all without the burden of managing disparate tools.

Default AWS Lambda dashboards

Quickly see all your important AWS Lambda metrics in our pre-built dashboards.

Easily filter to a specific host and correlate with other metrics

Default HAProxy dashboard

Track all AWS Lambda configuration changes

Understand configuration differences across your stack and quantify how configuration changes impact performance.



General Inventory Example

AWS Lambda performance alerts

Get alerts when your AWS Lambda performance is degrading. You can manually set an alert on any of the metrics captured.


For example, set up an alert to be notified of HTTP 4xx client errors.




General Alert Example

Ready to get started?

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