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Monitoring Amazon EMR with New Relic Infrastructure

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is a cloud-native big data platform that gives teams the power to process massive amounts of data quickly while keeping spending down. It plays well with other open source tools, and is built with AWS EC2 and S3 for reliability at scale.

What you can monitor with our Amazon EMR integration

Idle clusters

If a cluster that should be working is slacking off, you should know.

Missing blocks

Identify corrupt blocks before they cause issues.

Last successful backup

Make sure you don't lose any data to failed backups.

Know what’s happening with your Amazon Elastic MapReduce environment

Amazon EMR gives you plenty of options when it comes to configuring your implementation, so staying efficient is key. Our dashboard and monitoring tools give you the insight you need to continually improve performance and reduce resource usage, no matter how much data you’re processing.

See your Amazon EMR metrics in pre-built dashboards

Visualize all your data, easily filter to a specific host, and correlate with other performance metrics.

Default AWS dashboards

Track all Amazon EMR configuration changes

Understand configuration differences across your stack and quantify how configuration changes impact performance.

Track all AWS configuration changes

Amazon EMR performance alerts

Get alerts if your AWS EMR performance degrades. You can create alerts for any of the captured metrics.

For example, we can warn you when total load starts to surge.

AWS performance alerts

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