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Monitoring AWS Auto Scaling with New Relic Infrastructure

AWS Auto Scaling launches and terminates your Amazon EC2 instances automatically. It works dynamically based on user policies, schedules, and health checks. With less time spent worrying about scaling, teams can focus more on optimization instead.

What you can monitor with our AWS Auto Scaling integration

In service instances

How many instances are running, and how many are managed?

Pending instances

Instances that have started, but aren’t active yet.

Terminating instances

Check on instances that are shutting down.

Know what’s happening in your AWS Auto Scaling setup

With better AWS Auto Scaling optimization, you can spend more time focusing on what’s going on inside those EC2 instances, rather than how many you need or what they’re working on. It’s one piece of the larger AWS puzzle, and helps keep resources and costs down with little intervention.

See your AWS Auto Scaling metrics in pre-built dashboards

Visualize all your data, easily filter to a specific host, and correlate with other performance metrics.

Default AWS dashboards

Track all AWS Auto Scaling configuration changes

Understand configuration differences across your stack and quantify how configuration changes impact performance.

Track all AWS configuration changes

AWS Auto Scaling performance alerts

Get alerts if your AWS Auto Scaling performance degrades. You can create alerts for any of the captured metrics.

You can create an alert for when you’re near the maximum number of instances AWS Auto Scaling is set to manage.

AWS performance alerts

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