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Monitoring Amazon MSK with New Relic Infrastructure

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) is a fully managed streaming service for Apache Kafka. This open-source platform empowers you to build applications on top of your real-time streaming data by leveraging the Apache Kafka API.

What you can monitor with our Amazon MSK integration

Throttled byte rate

Keep an eye on throttled traffic.

Bytes per second

Watch the flow of traffic sent to and received by clients.

CPU performance

Tracks resources spent across different spaces.

Know what’s happening with your Amazon MSK service

Building applications with streaming data can be complex, so it’s important to watch over any issues or performance problems before they affect your overall performance. Our dashboard and monitoring tools can give you the visibility you need to create better software that performs under stress.

See your Amazon MSK metrics in pre-built dashboards

Visualize all your data, easily filter to a specific host, and correlate with other performance metrics.

New Relic Dashboard for AWS MSK

Amazon MSK performance alerts

Get alerts if your Amazon MSK performance degrades. You can create alerts for any of the captured metrics.

For example, set an alert for when you start to run low on free memory.

AWS performance alerts

Ready to get started?

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