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Monitoring HAProxy with New Relic Infrastructure

HAProxy is a free, open-source software load balancer and proxy server for TCP and HTTP-based applications that spreads requests and traffic across multiple servers.

Our HAProxy integration collects and sends inventory and metrics from your instance to the New Relic platform. You can track and visualize key server, frontend, and backend metrics directly in New Relic—making it easier to stay on top of your HAProxy performance and fix issues fast.

What you can monitor with our HAProxy integration

Backend metrics

See the status of your backend—for example, the number of connections or HTTP 500s.




Frontend metrics

Know what's happening in the frontend—for example, how many requests are denied.


Server metrics

Understand overall server performance like throttling, connection handling, bytes per second, and more.

You need to know what’s happening in your HAProxy

HAProxy is able to handle a massive load of network connections and direct them to other servers in your environment, and sits at a critical path in your network—but what if something goes wrong? It's vital you have the right monitoring in place.

Visualize HAProxy metrics in our pre-built dashboards

View your performance at-a-glance and easily filter, customize, and correlate with other metrics.

Default HAProxy dashboard

Track all HAProxy configuration changes

Understand configuration differences across your stack and quantify how configuration changes impact performance.

General Inventory Example

Know immediately when performance is degrading

Set up and receive alerts for any metrics captured and easily stay on top of your HAProxy performance.




General Alert Example

Ready to get started?

Install the integration now and get a clear picture of your HAProxy performance.


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