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How Major League Baseball manages performance.

With cloud power from AWS and insights from New Relic, Major League Baseball delivers great digital experiences to millions of fans every day.

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Thrive in the cloud.

From adoption to migration, New Relic gives you pinpoint insights for every phase of your cloud journey. As a pure SaaS solution, we’re uniquely poised to deliver accurate metrics—so you can see clearly and instantly how your apps are performing, wherever they are.

Application monitoring made easy.

Build and maintain cutting-edge apps with one comprehensive tool. For any language. In any environment.

Improve performance with APM

Visibility for your entire stack.

From the browser to the back-end. From mobile apps to cloud servers. Get eye-opening insights for every part of your technology business.

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“New Relic is all about performance data across all our digital products. All of technologies running under the covers as well the way MLB content is sent out to consumers, is under New Relic’s microscope.”

Sean Curtis, Senior Vice President of Engineering, MLBAM

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