Insights from the team that helped fix

Four months after administrators of released details about the site’s technologically bumpy road to recovery, TIME magazine ran a cover story that gave a behind-the-scenes account of what exactly that journey looked like.

Coders and troubleshooters from across the country joined forces in Washington, D.C. to power-up the efforts to get the site back on track. Google site-reliability engineer and Obama campaign veteran, Mikey Dickerson, was responsible for stamping out bugs and speeding up response times. He and Jini Kim, a former Google product manager, relied heavily on the APM dashboard that was rolled out to everyone on the team to monitor the site and stay on the same page.

As the Wall Street Journal reported back in December, New Relic's software analytics suite was part of the group's “tech surge” and was “a key tool that led to several fixes, including a new feature that alerts consumers via email when the exchange is available to process their requests.”

For the article’s full text, see this PDF.

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