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Creative Director, Lego Artist & Designer tylerclites.com

Tyler Clites has been building with LEGO since he was 2. He quickly fell in love with the endless creative possibilities that LEGO provides. LEGO became a serious hobby for Tyler in his teenage years and he quickly started making a name for himself in the online LEGO community.

As people began discovering Tyler's strong and expressive builds, the hobby turned into a career with commissioned creations. In 2017, BuildBetterBricks.com hired Tyler as Creative Director for the company. Tyler is the company head for model design, instruction design and layout, product photography/videography, and graphic design.

In 2019, LEGO Masters on FOX reached out to Tyler and cast him and his wife, Amy Clites, as one of ten teams to compete in the first season of LEGO Masters in the USA. They won, making them the first US LEGO Masters.