Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron

Creator, Sonic Pi

Dr. Sam Aaron is the creator of Sonic Pi, an internationally renowned live coding performer, public speaker and science communicator. Sam has a PhD in Computer Science and held a research position at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory where he initially developed Sonic Pi.

Sam has been an active community builder for 20 years starting and running the Newcastle and Amsterdam Ruby user groups, Amsterdam Clojure group and more recently the Sonic Pi community of educators, programmers and artists.

Sam regularly engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the creativity of code through keynotes, workshops and performances. He has live coded internationally featuring in the Royal Albert Hall, Berlin Warehouses, Music Festivals, on the BBC and even school assemblies. Sam has received two Google prizes for his Open Source work and The Rolling Stone magazine described his Moogfest performance as “transcending the present”.

Sessions with Sam Aaron

  • 11:15 am - 11:45 am PT
    | Wednesday, May 26 | Inspirational & Fun

    Making Code Sing: Programming Music in Ruby

    Nočnica Fee hosts Sam Aaron, creator of Sonic Pi, as they discuss music as a way to learn code. Sonic Pi lets new developers interface with complex concepts like concurrency in a fun and intuitive way.

    Join Sam later in the day for an exploration of the project and a full DJ Set with the Relicans!

    (Join this session OR watch on-demand immediately after)

  • 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm PT
    | Wednesday, May 26 | Nerd Island

    Learning Ruby by making Music: Sonic Pi

    Sam Aaron provides an introduction to Sonic Pi, a code-based music creation and performance tool. Sonic Pi was initially developed to help children learn to code in schools and has since evolved into a powerful musical instrument. Sam will walk us through the goals and history of the project before demonstrating the expressive potential of live code by performing a DJ set live using just Sonic Pi. Come enjoy some music and learn more about this brilliant intersection of art, code and education. No prior knowledge of either code or music is necessary to join and follow along.

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