van der Hoeven, Nicole FS21

Nicole van der Hoeven

Developer Advocate,

Nicole van der Hoeven is a performance engineer with ten years' experience in breaking software and learning to build it back up again. She has worked as a performance testing consultant in Australia and Europe, and she's spent the last few years helping teams all over the world scale up their load tests on the cloud. She currently lives in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and works remotely as a Developer Advocate at

Sessions with Nicole van der Hoeven

  • 10:55 am - 11:15 am PT
    | Thursday, May 27 | Snackable

    Schrödinger's Pokémon: Observability for chaotic load testing

    Here's how to prepare your application for chaos using load testing, chaos engineering, and an observability platform to catch it all. Because without data, how will you know whether Schrödinger's pokémon is alive or dead? (Join this session for live chat OR watch on-demand immediately after)

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