Nicolás Fornaro headshot

Nicolás Fornaro

Senior Principal Engineer, PedidosYa

As Head of Platform, Nicolás's work is focused on building systems that allow scale development across PedidosYa. His mission is to enable application developers to design, build and deploy product features in the most agile manner, while keeping quality and security standards. This includes tasks related to deployment automation, infrastructure provisioning, documentation availability, core services, observability and auditing.

Sessions with Nicolás Fornaro

  • 10:15 am - 10:35 am PT
    | Thursday, May 27 | Snackable

    PedidosYa: The Tech Journey Behind Latin America's Hypergrowth Delivery Platform

    In this session we will cover the tech journey that took PedidosYa from a single-room apartment start up to the leading delivery platform in Latin America. We'll go through some of the key milestones on this journey and analyze them from a technical perspective, to finally cover the role that observability plays in this growth.

    (Join this session for live chat OR watch on-demand immediately after)

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