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Matthew Culmone

Senior Manager, Product Management, New Relic

I have worked in technical sales, technical account management and product management, all with a focus on building solutions with customers. Experienced with a broad array of observability tools and concepts, having worked at organizations selling application performance monitoring, network performance monitoring, database performance and log management tools. If there is another aspect of an application stack that can be observed, improved or alerted on please let me know so that I can learn about that as well.

The one common element I have found across all tools and platforms is that they need to be accessible to be used, and they need to help with understanding how to fix a problem. Being made aware that a problem exists is easy; knowing how to fix it is the important part.

Sessions with Matthew Culmone

  • 10:15 am - 10:35 am PT
    | Wednesday, May 26 | Snackable

    AI & Logs: Actual Intelligence

    How can messy data become organized insights, meaningful alerts and clean metrics? By using AI to pattern and enrich Log data! Let's learn how that can be done at scale for hundreds of customers.
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