Kelsey Hightower headshot
Principal Engineer Google

Kelsey Hightower is a Principal Engineer at Google working on Google’s Cloud Platform. He has helped develop and refine many Google Cloud Products including Google’s Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, and Apigees’s API Gateway. Kelsey spends most of his time with executives and developers spanning the global fortune 1000 helping them understand and leverage Google technologies and platforms to grow their businesses.

Kelsey is also a huge open source contributor and currently maintains multiple projects that aid software developers and operations professionals in building and shipping cloud native applications. He is also an accomplished author and keynote speaker with a knack for demystifying complex topics and enabling others to succeed.

Kelsey is also known for his work in the community and was the inaugural winner of the CNCF Top Ambassador award for his work in helping bootstrap the Kubernetes community. He is also a mentor and technical advisor helping founders turn their visions into reality.