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Jonan Scheffler

Director, Developer Relations, New Relic

Jonan Scheffler is the Director of Developer Relations at New Relic. He has a long history of breaking things in public and occasionally putting them back together again. His interest in physical computing often leads him to experiment with robotics and microelectronics, though his professional experience is more closely tied to cloud services and modern application development. In order to break things more effectively he is particularly excited about observability lately, and he’s committed to helping developers around the world live happier lives by showing them how to keep their apps and their dreams alive through the night.

Sessions with Jonan Scheffler

  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PT
    | Tuesday, May 25 | Inspirational & Fun

    Hack the Future

    Jump into our 24-hour virtual FutureHack to compete with fellow developers, engineers, practitioners, and students to create your most kick-ass project. It’s your opportunity to shine, with Relics and sponsor engineers there to help you through Slack and Zoom rooms. Choose from four ways to attack your hack:

    1. Low Code, No Code:  for non-engineers
    2. Build on New Relic:  for skilled Data Nerds ready to expand their ecosystem
    3. Hack for Good: to build whatever you want —and help give back to the community
    4. Student Edition: for students to learn about New Relic One and compete against each other for cool prizes

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  • 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm PT
    | Wednesday, May 26 | Inspirational & Fun

    Developer Improv: Nerd Tank

    Imagine, you’re an angel investor looking for the next great tech idea. This opportunity will change someone’s life by giving them the moment they’ve been waiting for - being CEO of their own startup. Join The Relicans for Developer Improv as they sell you the best-worst tech startup ideas. Each Relican has two minutes to convince you to invest into their seed round. The catch? They’ve never seen the slides they will be presenting.

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  • 10:15 am - 10:35 am PT
    | Thursday, May 27 | Nerd Island

    Pelicans in Orbit: Buckle Up Nerds, We’re Going to Space

    Ever wonder what life as a space pelican might be like? How do they even breathe? Do they eat freeze-dried fish? Jonan Scheffler is here to answer all of your questions. Some about pelicans, but many more about developer relations and how we do it here at New Relic.

    We’re going to talk about the past, present and future of devrel and how it came to pass that rather a lot of developers started getting up to mischief on the internet under the banner of The Relicans.

    If you’ve imagined getting into developer relations yourself or are interested in what motivates all these loud people to keep hopping up on stages you’ll likely find value here. At the very least you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on the topic of astro-ornithology and the blueprints to design your very own pelican spacesuit.

    Come join us as we learn to fly in the vacuum of space, we can’t wait to see you there.

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  • 10:35 am - 12:15 pm PT
    | Thursday, May 27 | Nerd Island

    Pelicans on Parade: The Relicans Showcase

    Join our Developer Relations team, The Relicans, for talks on topics like Why Docker Isn't Magic, Rust for JavaScript Developers, Furby Hacking and DevOps for High Schoolers . More details to come on

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  • 11:55 am - 12:15 pm PT
    | Thursday, May 27 | Inspirational & Fun

    FutureHack 2021 Awards

    What’s a hackathon without prizes?
    In the last 24 hours developers, engineers, practitioners, students, and all other forms of coders have created dashboards, custom visualizations, applications and other amazing projects competing against their peers. Join us as we talk about the projects we love and present prizes to all of the hackathon winners with one lucky person/team taking home the $10,000 grand prize for Best Hack.

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